PDI Launches Campaign Facilitating Poor Women to Receive Government Land

As the provincial government of Sindh in Pakistan has announced the second phase of government land distribution among poor women, Participatory Development Initiatives [PDI] has launched a massive campaign of awareness and facilitation to the poorest of poor women of the province to receive land under the land distribution program. The provincial government announced in the first week of April 2010 to distribute about 50,000 acres of land among the poorest of poor women in the province and also published in newspapers the schedule of arranging open kutcharies in different districts for the distribution of land. PDI who has already been engaged in the awareness and advocacy in the first phase of land distribution, formed teams to launch a massive campaign in different districts of Sindh to ensure that the poorest of poor women are well informed about the program and are able to fill and submit their application forms for receiving government land. PDI mobilization teams visited different villages in the nook and corner of the districts where the land was to be distributed especially Thatta, Badin, Hyderabad, Tando Mohammed Khan and other districts. PDI teams addressed gatherings of women and men in different villages and informed them about the land distribution as many of them being illiterate had read the newspaper advertisements about the land distribution. PDI team distributed pamphlets also read out and distributed PDI Pamphlets which distributed the process of land distribution. PDI had acquired the land distribution application format from the government and had published thousands of its copies, which the team distributed in large numbers in the villages among the poorest of poor women. PDI teams also organized mobilization rallies in different districts where a large number of women took part in the rallies chanting slogans in the favor of land distribution among the women. Some of the interesting slogans raised during the public gatherings and rallies included Jaag Sindhi Harryni - Thendi Sindh Jee Malkyani (Wake up Sindhi Women Peasants- You will become ruler of Sindh) Sindh Joon Haryano Agte Wado, Zameen Joon Malkyanyoon Banjo Phanje Alaeky Man Payal Sarkari Zameen Lae Darkkhwaston Jama Karayo (Come forward women landless Harris of the Sindh –To get ownership of your land submitting your application for state land) these are popular slogans designed by PDI and published poster and wall papers of said slogans and pasted in different villages walls and distributed at public places . PDI to create awareness among landless peasants regarding – Sindh Government Land Distribution aired Sindhi folk song especially designed for poor women rights in which singer appealed poor women to come forward and get your rights become owner of a land which is a your birth right . PDI published literature and brochures in Sindhi language, to impart information about Sindh government announced land procedure. Besides the mass mobilization PDI teams are also active during the open kutcharies as PDI is arranging transport facilities for the poor women to reach to the Kutcharies which are being held at tehsil headquarters. PDI also arranges a separate enclosure near the Revenue Offices during the Kutchary day where seating arrangements are made for the women and PDI teams are engaged in filling the forms of women who had yet not been able to fill their forms. Hundreds of forms of the poor women are filled on the day of kutchary by PDI volunteers. PDI teams also manage to sit as observers in the open kutcharies where the government officials take decisions about the distribution of land among the poorest of poor women of the province. It may be mentioned that PDI is engaged in the campaign with the support of Oxfam GB. PDI strongly believe in empowering of poor women community in rural areas of the Sindh for their sustainable livelihood which would not only empower poor women financially but also open door for their freedom and get rid of evil customs like honor killing and bounded labors.

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