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WAKE UP !!! Campaign against Honor Killing

Violence against women takes dismaying forms and verities around the world, but the worst form that snatches away the lives of thousands of women each year is Honor Killing. From Centuries women have been facing death in the name of so-called honor, they have been burned, axed to death, beaten to death, shot at and killed by many other ways, just for the restoration of the family honor.

Honor Killing is a cultural reality in Pakistan, According to UN about more then one thousand women are killed in Pakistan each year in the name of honor. These are the cases that are reported but thousands go unregistered and unnoticed. Women are killed in the name of a crime that isnít stated by any religion, tradition or law, but is a way to let the male-domination exist in society.

WAKEUP!!! Campaign against honor killing is an online and practical campaign in Pakistan. WAKE UP aims toward creating change by awareness raising on the issue and mobilizing efforts towards a contribution in reduction of the crime. It focuses on giving a visibility to the truth and awakening the policy makers towards their steps on stopping the crime.

Goal of WAKE UP Campaign:

To contribute towards reduction in the crime of honor killing

WAKE UP Campaign aims to:
  • Raise awareness on the issue and recruit 30,000 Change agents
  • Contribute towards reduction in the crime of honor killing by changing attitudes
  • Giving women equity and equality
  • Giving women dignity and support
  • Create support and networking on the cause

WAKE UP Campaign Demands for:
  • Ban on tribal Jirgaís in Pakistan
  • Repeal of Qisas and Diyat Law in Pakistan
  • Increasing women seats in assembly
  • Become a Change Agent by joining online campaign

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